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A conversation with a friend yesterday led me to reflect on the answer to my question that many people ask. “What is my purpose in life?” You see, several years ago I witnessed many problems within churches. So, I asked God, “What is THE Church supposed to be like? What are Your instructions for how... Continue Reading →

FORGIVE (Mark 11:25,26)

          He was an obnoxious kid. Pushy and some would even say spoiled and arrogant. Amongst his older siblings he was considered the favorite. You know, often-times the youngest is accused of being Mom’s or Daddy’s pet and in this case, it was undeniably true. Typically, as often with rivalry between... Continue Reading →

As in the Days – Part 1

The “unsinkable Titanic” sank though it was said it could not. The ark was probably thought to not float, or at least a waste of time, but it did float. After all, the Bible doesn’t say Noah lived anywhere near an ocean so I’m pretty sure his neighbors thought him kind of crazy.  However, God... Continue Reading →

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